Thursday, September 29, 2011

German forest boy hoax unravelling?

The British tabloid The Sun headlines the question many have been considering: "Has Forest Boy been lying all along?" It provides evidence for an affirmative answer:

Berlin police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf said: "How can it be that someone who doesn't know who he is or how he has spent the last months or years isn't interested in finding out?
"He just doesn't look like a boy who lived in the forest for any amount of time.
"Maybe he is telling us a story that isn't true and that is why he doesn't want to go public."
Forest boy's refusal to have his picture and identifying details broadcast internationally was reported a few days ago. That raises obvious red flags. So do other details:

Mr Neuendorf added: "The tent he had with him was used, yes, but not so well used as you'd expect for such a long time in the forest.
"And he was clean and wearing clean clothes. His fingernails were well kept and his hands soft. Such things raise questions.
"He said he walked for two weeks but can't tell us anything about the journey or why he chose to go the City Hall."
This all makes me wonder whether Forest Boy is an English speaking adult from North America or Australia who has reason to want to reboot his life.

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