Tuesday, September 27, 2011

German forest hoax boy?

As the tale of Ray, the German forest boy, unfolds, it becomes harder to believe this boy's story ---he and his father Ryan took to wandering the German woods for five years after his mother, Doreen, died in a car crash, and Ray emerged only after his Ryan died in an accident and Ray buried him in the woods. First off, the names: Ryan, Doreen, and Ray, sound like they were plucked from a soap opera. Second, the plot sounds like it was plucked from a soap opera. Third, the boy told people in Berlin that he had been traveling for days through the woods to reach Berlin after he buried his father, but those he encountered said that he was clean, clean smelling and dressed in clean clothing.So far as I know, even the German woods lack laundry facilities. Finally, reports the Telegraph, he is resisting a worldwide public appeal, including dissemination of photographs and personal details, to aid the identification effort.

Police had hoped that a legal guardian would give permission for a photograph to be released of the boy in a worldwide appeal for information. They also hoped that further linguistic analysis, DNA sampling or dental records might provide clues to his identity.
But the boy has so far refused all offers to help him discover his history and have his photograph published. Instead he wants "to be left to get on with his life".
A police spokesman confirmed that a legal guardian - a female social worker - had been appointed by the family court on Monday afternoon, but that contrary to their hopes the move had so far failed to unlock the investigation.
"Unfortunately it seems that the boy told his guardian that he wasn't interested in discovering who he was," Thomas Neuendorf, of the Berlin Police, told The Daily Telegraph.
"The boy said that his father had told him that there were no relatives, save his parents. The boy said that since both parents were dead there was no family to appeal to.
"We've asked the guardian to speak to the boy again and try to change his mind," Mr Neuendorf said. "At this point a worldwide public appeal may be the only way will ever discover who he really is."
 We can speculate long and pleasurably about what this boy's story really is (if he is really a boy, and not an adult passing himself off as 17), what he is trying to hide, and who he is trying to protect. I am betting more will be revealed in a few days.

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