Monday, October 10, 2011

Anonymous has not erased the NYSE from the internet on Oct. 10

NYSE is still on the internet this morning, despite the Anonymous(1)  threat to erase it from the internet on Oct. 10, and lending support to the repudiation by Anonymous(2)  of the first Anonymous as bogus. But there is this report in the news today:

Fire hits Nyse New Jersey data centre

Nyse Euronext says trading systems were unaffected by an electrical fire at its New Jersey data centre on Sunday.

The exchange operator says the fire broke out in a room housing connections to other data centre facilities for 58 clients, temporarily affecting communications.

However, in a notice sent last night, Nyse said no one was injured in the blaze and that "trading systems were not affected, and will operate on a normal schedule tomorrow, Monday, Oct. 10" .
According to a report in PCWorld, the fire was confined to a single computer cabinet:

An electrical fire on Sunday at a data center of the New York Stock Exchange in Mahwah, New Jersey, affected communications connectivity to 58 trading firms, but the exchange expects "completely normal operations" for Monday's market open.
The electrical fire was in a single computer cabinet at the Mahwah data center, and was quickly extinguished, said Ray Pellecchia, a spokesman for NYSE Euronext, which owns the exchange.
NYSE Euronext owns and operates the data center, Pellecchia said.
The incident did not result in any injuries, he said.
The traders whose communications were affected have been notified that all systems are being tested, and that normal operations are expected for the open on Monday, Pellecchia said.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and a fire on Oct. 10 in a computer cabinet in the data center linking communications among trading firms in a stock exchange which had been targeted by anonymous threats for erasure on Oct. 10 is just an electrical fire.

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