Saturday, October 1, 2011

Battle of Brooklyn Bridge?

What's going on in NYC and Occupy Wall Street? The police seem to be busy arresting people on the Brooklyn Bridge. Here are updates posted on Huffington, including news of occupy together events from other cities:

Today 6:31 PM Brooklyn Bridge Shut Down In One Direction
From the Associated Press:
"The Brooklyn Bridge has been shut down in one direction after protesters camped out near Wall Street spilled onto the roadway.Police have made dozens of arrests and were continuing to stop people illegally blocking the roadway Saturday evening."
Today 6:17 PM Police Arrest Over 100 'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters
@ BreakingNews : Update: @NewYorkPost reports police arrested more than 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters
Today 6:06 PM New York Times Contributing Reporter Reportedly Among Those Arrested
@ RDevro : NYT's contributing reporter Natasha Lennard is, in fact, being arrested. Just heard from her.
Today 5:57 PM NYPD Reportedly Corralling Protesters On Brooklyn Bridge
@ anjalimullany : 100s of protesters were kettled on both decks of the Brooklyn Bridge. Cops systematically arresting, loading on NYPD buses. Still happening.
Today 5:32 PM Reporter: Hundreds Arrested
@ daveweigel : Hundreds of #occupywallstreet protesters arrested in march to Brooklyn; crowds waiting for the non-arrested folks
Today 5:07 PM NYPD Continue To Arrest Protesters On Brooklyn Bridge
@ brianstelter : RT @NYTMetro: City Room: Police Arresting Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge:
Today 4:44 PM NYPD Confront Protesters On Brooklyn Bridge; Multiple Arrests Made
@ anjalimullany : I've watched 5 people minimum get arrested on the bridge
Today 4:07 PM Protesters Reach The Brooklyn Bridge
@ louisestory : Watching the Wall St protests now .. The march has reached the Brooklyn Bridge.
Today 3:44 PM Charlie Rangel Reportedly Booed Away At Wall St. Protests
@ brianstelter : Just ran into a colleague who says that Charlie Rangel tried to come to the start of the #OccupyWallSt march, but was booed away.

Today 3:27 PM WATCH: Live Footage Of The Occupy Wall Street Protests
Global Revolution is now live streaming the Occupy Wall Street protests:
Today 3:26 PM WATCH: Dozens Arrested Protesting BofA Foreclosure Practices In Boston
Dozens were arrested Saturday in Boston as protesters took to the streets to demonstrate against Bank of America's foreclosure practices, The Associated Press reports.
Some protesters carried Take Back Boston signs, according to the below video of the demonstration. The group sympathizes with the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, according to it's website. Watch a video of the Bank of America protests below:
Today 2:52 PM Small Group Of Protesters Gather In Downtown D.C.
HuffPost DC reports that about 35 OccupyDC protesters gathered in D.C.'s McPherson Square Saturday. The group, inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York's Zuccotti Park, is agitating for a repeal of "corporate personhood." What is "corporate personhood" exactly? HuffPost DC reports:
Jeffrey Light, a D.C.-based activist lawyer associated with OccupyDC, told The Huffington Post in an interview Friday that OccupyDC doesn't yet have a unified vision of what it means to repeal corporate personhood, but said the protest group would like to start by getting corporation-related campaign finance laws back in place. "We're most concerned with the power of corporations to amass huge amounts of wealth and then to use that to distort the political system. We're also concerned about corporations looking to the First Amendment to overturn legislation enacted by democratically enacted government."
Read the full report from HuffPost DC here.
Today 2:47 PM The Occupied Wall Street Journal Debuts With Print Run Of 50,000
On Saturday, the Occupied Wall Street Journal released 50,000 copies of its first issue, The New York Times reports. The costs were covered by a Kickstarter campaign started by two independent journalists.
From The New York Times:
“This movement has sometimes been misrepresented,” said Arun Gupta, 46, one of the two primary organizers of the project. “This paper is for the general public to let them know what is going on here.”The four-page broadsheet includes a story by Mr. Gupta headlined “The Revolution Begins at Home,” an essay by the former New York Times war correspondent Chris Hedges urging people to participate in the protests, and a “Declaration of the Occupation” approved at a meeting of protesters on Sept. 29.
Read the entire post here.
Today 1:37 PM Video From 'We're Not Broke, Just Twisted: Extreme Wealth Inequality In America'
Wearethe99percent, a tumblr associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement, posted a video from highlighting income inequality in America.
The video includes photos of private jets and mansions and features quotes, like "While wealth and income have become concentrated in the hands of a few, the middle class has imploded."
Watch the full video below:
Today 12:51 PM Wall Street Protestors Speak: A Video From The New York Times
Today 12:39 PM Protesters Camp In Front Of Federal Reserve Bank Of Boston
@ WBUR : Dozens of protesters are camped in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston part of #OccupyBoston
Today 11:14 AM Protestors March On NYPD Headquarters: Video From The Telegraph
In response to clashes with police, the Occupy Wall Street protestors marched to NYPD headquarters Friday, according to The Telegraph.
Last weekend, 80 protestors were arrested as they made their way to Union Square, The Telegraph reports, and police used pepper spray on four woman, an incident that was caught on video.
For some protestors, the march was an attempt to convince the police officers to unite with their cause.
One of the protestors, Jamie Warren, told The Telegraph: “Police in general are working class men and women, they don't make a lot of money, they are being affected by the same Wall Street crimes that the rest of us are. But they are forced by their jobs to brutalize the people that are working in their own interests.”

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