Saturday, October 22, 2011

Human fallout in Fukushima: unemployment

People in Fukushima face a high jobless rate:

Nearly 70 percent of temporary housing unit residents in Fukushima Prefecture, who were working before the March 11 disaster, have not been able to get jobs since, according to a prefectural government survey. The survey results showed many became unemployed because of the nuclear crisis.
Pollees voiced strong concerns about securing work in the future.
The survey looked at about 10,000 households living in temporary housing units in the prefecture from Sept. 10 to 18. Of those polled, 6,468 responded.
The results showed 71.6 percent of surveyed households had a breadwinner before the disaster, but after the disaster the percentage dropped to 33.1 percent.
The prefectural government said there were many cases where people were dismissed after the disaster, as their workplaces ceased operating in areas where entry was banned or restricted.
In some cases, those in the agricultural, forestry and fisheries sectors were unable to work.
By region, the unemployed numbers were higher among people from towns and villages wholly or partly inside the no-entry zone or expanded evacuation zones.
The fact that this is predictable does not lessen its toll on people.

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