Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Oakland, police clash (with update and video of veteran critically injured by police)

Occupy Oakland clashed with police Tuesday after their encampment was raided before dawn Tuesday morning.

Occupy Oakland demonstrators clashed all over downtown Oakland on Tuesday night with police who lobbed tear gas at least three times in futile attempts to fully disperse the more than 1,000 people who took to the streets after the early-morning raid of the movement's encampment.
The rolling protest came about 12 hours after hundreds of police from across the Bay Area rousted about 300 people from the two-week old camp at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. Tensions escalated after protesters vowed to return to the plaza, which was left with tents overturned and food, carpet, personal belongings and mounds of trash strewn on the lawn.
"We had to deploy gas to stop people from throwing rocks and bottles at police,"

said Interim Police Chief Howard Jordan, adding that he was unsure about what other crowd control methods were used by outside police agencies. There were unconfirmed reports that flash-bang grenades and wood dowels were launched at protesters. Following the pre-dawn raid, about 500 protesters initially met at the main branch of the Oakland library at 4 p.m., chanting that they would "reclaim" what they now call Oscar Grant Plaza named for the unarmed man who was killed in 2009 by a BART police officer.
The demonstrators sparred with hundreds of police for more than six hours forcing police to close streets, reroute traffic and launch four rounds of bean bags into the crowd of protesters.
Occupy Oakland reports the police used flash grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets, along with armored vehicles.

Here's a liveblog from the Oakland Tribune.

Update: Huffington reports that an Iraq war veteran has been critically injured after police shot him in the face with a 'non-lethal projectile'. His brain began to swell, and he is now on a respirator and possibly facing brain surgery.

Here is video of the incident. The veteran's name is Scott Olsen.

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