Friday, October 7, 2011

Swiss couple claims German forest boy is their grandchild

A Swiss couple has claimed that the German 'forest boy', who calls himself Ray, is their grandson, according to Berlin newspaper BZ.

The pair will give DNA samples which will be tested against that of the boy who appeared in Berlin last month, claiming to have spent five years living in an eastern German forest.
The unnamed couple reportedly contacted police after seeing a computer-generated picture of the boy, known only as Ray. If their DNA proves to match that of the "forest boy", they will immediately become his legal guardians.
The news raises further suspicions about Ray's strange story. Upon arrival in Berlin on Sept. 5, the boy - who speaks English and little German - said he lived with his father in a wood for five years, leaving only after his father died.
It seemed he knew virtually nothing about his background, except his first name and age.
The 17-year-old has so far refused to make a public appeal for information about his past, telling authorities he wanted to be left alone "to get on with his life."
Interpol began checks to find a match for the profile of the boy on missing person lists in other countries, but Ray told police they could not release his photograph. He showed little interest in tracing his family, telling investigators, "they're all dead."
There's no indication of  why this couple think 'Ray' is their grandson.

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