Monday, October 21, 2013

Grifters in the news

Besides Ted Cruz, another political grifter who drove the US toward the default and and economic crash and burn cliff is someone who I first noticed a few weeks ago, when he showed up on Bill Maher. This one is named Matt Kibbe, and he and his wife have taken over Freedom Works, a Koch funded organization which seems to exist to provide publicity and funding for self promoters like Kibbe.

Kibbe, who never seems to have held a 'real' job, (unless he worked at a Dairy Queen in high school) has made his living since college (Grove City College, you know, the Christian college which turned down federal funds in order to keep violating Title IX of the Civil Rights law) as a political operative in and out of government. (Hilariously, his BA in economics seems to have gotten him a gig in 1990 as 'senior economist' for the RNC.) He seems to have learned a lot about marketing, though, since he is nailing down his own personal brand with his goofy sideburns (they look like the lines plastic surgeons draw to indicate where to cut for the face lift) and creating a book ( titled, Hostile Takeover, though not, apparently, about how he managed to takeover Freedom Works), and must have ingratiated himself with the cable news producers because he's now all over tv. Like Palin and Buchanan before him, he realizes that tv news is a venue for product placement, and he's the product.


  1. And, worst of all, he invokes the Grateful Dead in an attempt to make a political point!
    (See also:

    1. Lee Atwater, the late republican dirty trickster during the '80's paved that road as a GOP rock 'n roller. But musical tastes don't entail politics:---example:Wagner.