Friday, October 25, 2013

October 26 Driving

Saudi women will once again be staging a drive-in tomorrow, Oct. 26, breaking Saudi law  minsiterial decree by driving their own cars. (Many did this before in June 2011 and suffered penalties for it).
For many Saudi women, their only hope of freedom is a car, but they live in the only country in the world where they aren't allowed to drive.
And while there is no official law banning them from doing so, a ministerial decree in 1990 formalised an existing customary ban and women who attempt to do so face arrest.
Two weeks ago, Ms Al Nafjan, a mother-of-three, was stopped by police in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, while filming another woman, Azza, as she was driving.
The two were arrested and taken to Ulaya police station where they were made to sign pledges not to commit the "offence" again.
So what do you do when you believe strongly that you have a right to drive like anyone else? You launch and join a campaign against the ban and risk arrest.
Ms Al Nafjan, along with other activists, will risk further arrest by taking part in the campaign tomorrow urging the government to issue a decree to lift the driving ban on women.
Some women have already taken to the streets of Saudi, driving their cars, filming and uploading videos to YouTube.
Here's one:

(Their Oct26 driving site appears to have been hacked.)

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