Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saudi women go driving

Saudi women went driving today:
More than 60 Saudi women got behind the wheels of their cars as part of a protest against a ban on women driving in the kingdom, activists have claimed.
A Saudi professor and campaigner, Aziza Youssef, said the activists have received 13 videos and another 50 phone messages from women showing or claiming they had driven, the Associated Press reported.
She said it had not been not possible to verify all of the messages. But, if the numbers are accurate, they would make Saturday's demonstration the biggest the country has ever seen against the ban.
Despite warnings by police and ultraconservatives in Saudi Arabia, there have been no reports from those who claimed to have driven of being arrested or ticketed by police.
Let's hope security police don't come knocking at their doors in the next weeks, or if they do, they are coming to present these women with the valid Saudi drivers' licenses they have earned.

Update: A friend pointed me to this video:

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