Monday, October 28, 2013

Tepco can't be trusted to restart Kashiwazaki Kariwa reactors

Those following the post-Fukushima Tepco story know that the electric power company has been pushing to restart its Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power plant. But that plan is vetoed, at least for now.

Tokyo Electric Power Co (9501.T) must provide a fuller account of the Fukushima disaster and address its own "institutionalized lying" before it can expect to restart its largest nuclear station, a Japanese local government official holding an effective veto over the utility's turnaround plan said on Monday.
"If they don't do what needs to be done, if they keep skimping on costs and manipulating information, they can never be trusted," Niigata Prefecture Governor Hirohiko Izumida told Reuters in an interview.
Izumida must approve the embattled utility's plans to restart the reactors at Kashiwazaki Kariwa, the world's biggest nuclear complex, which sits on the Japan Sea coast some 300 kilometers (180 miles) northwest of Tokyo.
Given its performance in the Fukushima cleanup horror show, this seems the correct call.

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