Thursday, November 14, 2013

An officer and ass grabber

Lesson learned: if you beat up the drunken air force officer in charge of sex assault prevention who grabs your buttocks in a parking lot outside a bar, he will be acquitted of assault, because maybe he was so drunk he didn't mean it.
An Air Force colonel accused of assaulting a young woman outside a Crystal City bar this past spring has been acquitted by an Arlington jury. Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski, 42, was head of the Air Force’s sexual assault prevention branch when he was arrested after the May encounter outside a Crystal City bar.

Barry Coburn, Krusinski’s attorney, highlighted what he called inconsistencies in the woman’s account of a fracas after the alleged grab, and said those were enough to give jurors reasonable doubt. He hinted that Krusinski might have grazed the woman by accident on a narrow sidewalk.
On Tuesday, the woman, a 23-year-old American University graduate, testified emotionally about the encounter with Krusinski, saying she felt “totally violated.” She said she was on the phone with a friend outside Freddie’s Beach Bar when Krusinski came up behind her, gave her behind a “squeeze,” and “asked me if I liked it.”
The woman said she followed Krusinksi and confronted him, pushing and punching him in the face.
A server from the bar testified that she too was groped by Krusinski that night, along with one of her co-workers.
“He was just a drunken mess,” the server, Jordain Coleman, testified. She said Krusinski offered to take her home with him. Coleman told jurors that she was used to dealing with drunk customers and brushed him off, only to watch him approach and grope the 23-year-old woman.
“I don’t blame her, but she went crazy on him,” Coleman said.
Two things about this case: one, this drunken pawing barfly was the head of the sex assault prevention branch of the Air Force. Way to go, flyboys. Two, maybe if more women went all Thelma and Louise on drunken pawing barflies, there would be fewer drunken pawing barflies.

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