Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turkey poll numbers for Tom Corbett

Happy Thanksgiving to Tom Corbett, officially the most unpopular governor in America.
A mere 24 percent of Pennyslvania voters approve of the job Corbett is doing while 65 percent said they disapprove, the worst numbers for any governor tested by PPP. It's so bad for Corbett that even a majority of in-state Republicans — 51 percent — disapprove of his job performance, according to PPP.
PPP also showed Corbett trailing all would-be Democratic challengers by 12-20 points.
Unfortunately, the democratic field of potential challengers is large, probably too large, with eight  already raising money and gearing up campaigns. My fear is that this will be a replay of the senate race against Rick Santorum in 2000---although Santorum was already widely loathed in the state, a crowded democratic primary field led to the selection of Ron Klink, the only western Pennsylvanian and anti-abortionist in the democratic race, who neither raised money nor campaigned. Despite that, Santorum got only 52% of the vote, but that was enough to inflict frothy mixture Santorum on the commonwealth and the US for another 6 years.

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