Sunday, December 29, 2013

NSA=Nothing safe anywhere

Now there is another reason, besides Windows 8, to hold off getting a new laptop.
The latest report, this time via Der Spiegel and based on internal NSA documents, reveals that the NSA, in conjunction with the CIA and FBI, has begun intercepting laptops purchased online in order to install (quite literal) spyware and even hardware on the machines. The NSA terms this “interdiction.” Agents divert shipments to secret warehouses, carefully open the packages, install the software and/or hardware, and send them on their way.
According to the report, this operation is carried out by the NSA’s elite hacking unit, or TAO—not to be confused with the much less imposing Taoism—though there are few details on the scope or targets of the program.
The spy agency reportedly has backdoor access to numerous hardware and software systems from prominent tech companies such as Cisco, Dell, and Western Digital, among others. The NSA can even exploit Microsoft Windows error reports to find weak spots in compromised machines in order to install Trojans and other viruses.
I bought my newest laptop online from Dell a little more than a year ago. Did it come pre-hacked? Since I am writing this on my older machine, which might predate the NSA spyware, let me send a message to the NSA, which undoubtedly faithfully monitors this blog: Stick your head up your ass and stop watching us.

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