Monday, January 20, 2014

Invitation from another fake academic research venue

Look what I got this morning: a personalized invitation (if 'author' is a proper name referring to me uniquely) to contribute to a fake academic journal.
Dear Author,

Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF), a leading provider of global research platforms for International conferences and Journals, is pleased to invite you to submit your research papers for review and publication in the Journal of Engineering Technology (JET) - (Print ISSN: 2251-3701, E-periodical: 2251-371X). Please visit 28th February 2014.
We look forward to hearing from you soon about publishing in the JET (Vol. 2 No. 4). Please do not hesitate to contact us at for further queries.
With kind regards,

Elleine Velasquez
Programme Manager
My experience tells me that GSTF is another fake publisher (though not under this name on Beall's list) and my friend google tells me that GSTF is known to the hive mind as a fake conference organizer, which also hijacked the name of a real conference on at least one occasion.


  1. but what the fact says?

    Please click this link and have a look at this GSTF's conference proceedings:

    That is the 2012 Conference Proceedings published by Elsevier through Procedia Economics & Finance.

  2. What do u have to say about this?
    Your statements seems w/o any basis/credibility. Please see this link for another publication from GSTF :

  3. I agree with the previous comments - certainly doesn't seem to have any merit to your opinion as this journal and organization has standing - visit the link below: