Thursday, January 23, 2014

Misinformed consent

41 years after Roe v Wade, the truth bites back: it is more dangerous to continue a pregnancy through birth than to abort---14 times more dangerous.

Getting a legal abortion is much safer than giving birth, suggests a new U.S. study published Monday.
Researchers found that women were about 14 times more likely to die during or after giving birth to a live baby than to die from complications of an abortion.
Experts say the findings, though not unexpected, contradict some state laws that suggest abortions are high-risk procedures.
The message is that getting an abortion and giving birth are both safe, said Dr. Anne Davis, who studies obstetrics and gynecology at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York, and wasn't involved in the new study.
"We wouldn't tell people, 'Don't have a baby because it's safer to have an abortion' -- that's ridiculous," she told Reuters Health. "We're trying to help women who are having all reproductive experiences know what to expect."
An induced abortion -- like any other medical procedure -- requires getting informed consent from the woman, said Dr. Bryna Harwood, an ob-gyn from the University of Illinois in Chicago who also didn't participate in the new research.
That means women understand and acknowledge the risks of their different options.
What makes it complicated, Harwood added, is when the law interferes and requires doctors to state information that isn't always balanced or medically sound -- usually exaggerating the risk of abortion.
The researchers on the new study combined government data on live births and pregnancy- and abortion-related deaths with estimates on legal abortions performed in the U.S. from the Guttmacher Institute, which conducts sexual and reproductive health research and education.
Dr. Elizabeth Raymond from Gynuity Health Projects in New York City and Dr. David Grimes of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, found that between 1998 and 2005, one woman died during childbirth for every 11,000 or so babies born.
That compared to one woman of every 167,000 who died from a legal abortion.
Neither giving birth nor aborting is particularly dangerous, but laws requiring abortion seekers to hear of the risks of abortion but not childbirth are designed to misinform, and misinformed consent is not consent.

Laws restricting abortions expose women to undue risk of death, and every year, women deterred from aborting die in childbirth. 


  1. Is "the truth rears its bites back" making its way around academia circles as a kind of low satire?

    1. Typo (uncorrected edit variety). Sorry.