Sunday, January 12, 2014


This is sure to stir the wrath of Gov. Creosote Christie:
The New Jersey agency charged with protecting the Pinelands, a vast and fragile expanse of sand pines, gnarled oaks and river deltas, narrowly defeated a proposal on Friday to run a 22-mile natural gas pipeline through it.
The decision dealt a defeat to Gov. Chris Christie, whose administration vigorously lobbied for the pipeline, saying it was an important economic development tool for southern New Jersey. The Pinelands sit atop a shallow, trillions-of-gallons-large aquifer that serves millions of residents. There are 17 species of plants that are found there but nowhere else, said Jeff Tittel, director of the New Jersey Sierra Club, an environmental group.
Four former governors, two Republican and two Democrat, wrote a letter opposing the project.
This part is interesting:
 Before the vote, the state attorney general’s office, which reports to the governor, required a commission member and prominent environmental law professor, Edward Lloyd, to sit out the vote, citing a conflict of interest. [my bolding]
Is there soon to be a traffic jam in the Pine Lands?

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