Friday, February 14, 2014

Lawyer vs. Lawyer in Ludlow affair

The Daily Northwestern continues its coverage of the Ludlow affair with a statement from Ludlow's attorney:
Ludlow released a statement through his attorney, Kristin Case, on Thursday afternoon disputing the student’s allegations. Ludlow denies he sexually harassed or assaulted the student, Case said in the statement.
“We have corroborating evidence that (the student) propositioned Mr. Ludlow,” Case said in the statement. “He refused her advances.”
Case said she and Ludlow are in possession of social media communications and text messages showing the student initiated “very friendly” contact with Ludlow the day after the reported assault and again in the week following it. The student asked to meet with Ludlow in person and came to a conference he was attending, Case said.
“At that time, Mr. Ludlow told her, as he had in the past, that he did not want to be romantically involved with her,” Case said in the statement.

Ludlow also disputed Thursday the student’s claim that a University committee was formed to determine disciplinary action against Ludlow and recommended his termination following an internal investigation of the assault.
“To our knowledge, there has never been any recommendation by any Northwestern ‘committee’ that Mr. Ludlow be terminated,” Case said in the statement.
In his statement released Wednesday, O’Connor affirmed the existence of such a committee.
“We know of its existence and its decision through sources from inside NU,” O’Connor said in the statement. “Presently, we cannot divulge those sources out of concern for reprisal.”
According to the article, Northwestern did not have a policy prohibiting all faculty-student sexual relationships until January.

Meanwhile, Leiter has a story about protests at Yale against sexual misconduct at several departments, including philosophy.

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