Monday, February 24, 2014

Whoops at WIPP

Remember that radiation alert at WIPP? The one they said did not necessarily indicate a leak of radiation outside of the underground radioactive waste depository? Well, it turns out it did leak to the outside.
New test results indicate “slightly elevated” levels of airborne radiation near a nuclear waste repository in southeast New Mexico, the U.S. Department of Energy said Monday.
Samples taken from spots on and around the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant outside Carlsbad show radiation levels below those considered a public or environmental hazard, the DOE said in a statement.
The DOE said the data show a potential dose of less than one millirem — a calculation of radioactivity exposure — at each of the sampling locations. By comparison, a single chest x-ray can deliver a dose of about 10 millirems.
The disturbing part of the story is not the small amount of radioactivity leaked---it's that they don't know where or why the leak happened.

Energy department officials plan to hold a town hall meeting in Carlsbad tonight.

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