Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sex abuser general walks free

How nice for him:

A U.S. Army general who had faced possible life in prison on sexual assault charges was reprimanded by a judge on Thursday but avoided any jail time for mistreating a captain during one of several improper relationships with junior female officers.
Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair was ordered to forfeit $20,000 in pay but he also avoided dismissal from the Army for military crimes that were aired in a rare court-martial of a top officer.
The married general admitted to various offenses this week in a plea deal that dropped the sexual assault charges involving the female captain, who said Sinclair forced her to perform oral sex when she tried to break off their adulterous, three-year affair.
The one-star general and his defense team said they were grateful for the sentence, which caps a case that began two years ago and derailed the career of the former deputy commander of the 82nd Airborne Division who served five combat tours.
I guess in this man's army, forcing subordinates to go down on you is just a way of establishing military good order and discipline.

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