Friday, March 7, 2014

WTF? Colorado edition

Colorado philosophers reclaim the headlines today, though no one knows what underlies this story:
The University of Colorado at Boulder has placed an associate professor of philosophy on paid leave for unspecified reasons and barred him from the campus, the Daily Camera reported.
An email from the philosophy department’s chairman told faculty members to call the police if they saw the professor, Dan Kaufman, on the campus.
The news came weeks after the university released a report on widespread sexual harassment in the philosophy department, although there was no indication that Mr. Kaufman’s leave was connected to what was described in that document.
In an email to the newspaper, Mr. Kaufman said it would be “highly irresponsible for anyone to say anything about anything related to this situation at this point in time."
Since we are still at this point in time and I am within the scope of the universal 'anyone', I will say nothing, mostly because I know nothing. Leiter implies that he knows something, and that the something is that this is unrelated to the sex harassment charges at Colorado and that the action against Kaufman was disproportionate and possibly discriminatory. Whether Leiter knows what he claims to report with confidence is not something I am in a position to know.

Thus, since I know nothing, I speculate nothing, and only conclude, provisionally, that things are fucked up and shit.(About that last---I suspect this provisional conclusion will hold for a long time).

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