Sunday, April 13, 2014

NSA's heartbleed problem

The Obama administration and the NSA are denying the Bloomberg report that the agency knew about the heartbleed bug and exploited it. This creates a dilemma for the NSA: either it is lying (always possible, even likely) or it is incompetent, (also possible, even probable) Zach Whittaker at ZDnet sums up the situation nicely.
 Either one of two things happened: Bloomberg got screwed over by its sources, or the U.S. government is outright lying and clambering to save face with the already disgruntled public.
Clapper's response instead disclosed a seismic vulnerability in the intelligence agency's own mission, to "protect U.S. national security systems and to produce foreign signals intelligence information."
If Clapper is not lying, he his denial admits incompetence. A likely explanation? The NSA dedicates so much of its time and zillion dollar budget spying on everyone and hoarding the information that it can't find a security hole that was staring it in the face.

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