Saturday, March 7, 2015

email from a fake academic conference

I got a call for abstracts from for a conference run by Globe-edu:
First Call for Abstracts Submission

2nd Global Conference on  Contemporary Issues in Education
The University of Chicago Gleacher Center, Chicago, USA
27-28 August 2015
Beall identified this group as a new bogus publisher last year.
A very low quality and even ridiculous publisher – Globeedu Group – launched recently with three new journals. The publisher does not have its own website. Instead, each journal has an independent page. The journals are:

The word “technoledge” does not exist in English, so I don’t know if this word in the third title is a stupid mistake on the publisher’s part or an attempt to be clever.
I vote for stupid, or rather, stupid at English. As evidence: from their call for papers email:
· The abstracts can be one-page long (150-250 words). 
· The abstract include Problem Statement, Purpose of Study, Methods, Findings and Results, and Conclusions and Recommendations.
· If your paper is not completed, it might be included only your study proposal.
· The abstracts must be included the authors’ names, surnames, affiliations, departments, email addresses and phone numbers. 
Conference papers will be published in Elsevier Procedia, Social and Behavioral Sciences which looks to me like a online venue for fake academic conference papers owned by Elsevier, a predatory academic publisher, whose costs and practices have led to revulsion, protests and boycotts.

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