Thursday, March 26, 2015

Germanwings: flying Breivik?

The powers that be have ruled out terrorism as a motive in the apparently deliberate crash of the Germanwings flight. The alternative explanation for deliberately flying the plane into the Alps is....we're waiting for the blanks to be filled in. It seems an extravagant method for suicide. Driving your BMW off a bridge would be just as fast and simpler. My conjecture right now (and I believe it is likely it is wrong) is that the young pilot wanted to beat Anders Breivik for the world mass murder record*. If this theory is right, we can expect the police to find a listing of mass murder incidents on the pilot's computer, and possibly some photos with the pilot echoing the pose of the Columbine shooters or a manifesto proclaiming a rationale.

*(not connected with war or genocide)

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