Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Adventures in fake academic conferences: Hawaii vacation edition

The Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities has sent me another call for papers, this one for a fake academic conference in January 2016, cunningly timed to fall within most universities' winter break. The solicitation claims sponsorship by the University of Louisville Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods, and indeed, that Center's website includes a emblem of co-sponsorship of the 15th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Social Science, another fake academic conference run by this fake academic outfit, Hawaii International Conferences.
To be clear: this operation makes its money by hosting fake academic conferences (and 'publishing' fake academic proceedings in fake academic journals) in Hawaii for academics and grad students to  pad their CV's and vacation on the beach, often paid for by the universities which employ them, or so it seems to me. What's the harm? This organization, and those like them are leaching increasingly scarce researcher time, research budgets, and research credibility from academia. Like an opportunistic infection on a weakened organism, these fake academic operations have the potential to kill their hosts.

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