Sunday, April 26, 2015

Continuing adventures in fake academic publishing:Open Journal of Philosophy edition

Another day, yet another solicitation from fake academic journal, Open Journal of Philosophy, one of the notorious scam journals put out by our friends at SCIRP. This email came over the signature of the Editor-in-Chief Prof. Kuang-Ming Wu (Professor Emeritus at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, USA). About that putative connection, you may recall that the philosophy department at U of Wisconsin Oshkosh has this to say on its website:

No Affiliation with the Open Journal

It has come to our attention that many philosophers are receiving email invitations to publish articles in the Open Journal of Philosophy, whose editor-in-Chief is listed as Professor Kuang-Ming Wu. The emails are written in a way that suggests that Professor Wu is currently a member of our department. We wish to make it clear that although Professor Wu worked here many years ago, he is not currently a member of our department or our University, and no one currently in our department is, or ever has been, affiliated with the Open Journal of Philosophy.
(just in case you were wondering).

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