Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fake college papers online

I was wasting time following links on the internet when I ended up with a listing of online college philosophy paper writing services. I'm dismayed though not surprised. Judging from the free sample at one site,  the quality is poor, but I imagine students with more money than integrity will be satisfied enough---they'll pass the course, maybe get a B range grade on the paper, unless of course they get caught. Despite the claims that the papers are not detectable by plagiarism programs because they are ghost written, lots of sections can be recycled. In addition, there can be tells in the papers that it was ghost written---the sources might be books not available at the campus library, ideas and names might not come from the lectures and readings in the course.

In a world in which their professors are desperate enough to pay lots of money (sometimes their own, sometimes their university's) to pad their cv's with publications in fake academic journals and presentations at fake academic conferences, a world in which administrators and their political bosses impose regimes of metric driven 'accountability' (thus incentivizing a lot of fake publications), a world in which tuition drives a bubble in student loans and investment securities derived from them (as liable to burst as the mortgage backed securities market did almost a decade ago), there is no good reason to be surprised that students will also turn to fakery and fraud in order to get their ticket punched and join the grown up world. After all, they have loans to pay off.

To any student is reading this  (having stumbled on this post via a google search) I want to say this: Save your money and write your papers yourself. The papers you can buy are not that good, and you can probably write one about as good and get a B range grade. And who knows---when you graduate, maybe you can get a job with a college paper ghost writing service.

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