Sunday, April 12, 2015

It still doesn't matter who gets to be president

I dunno. It seems to me that i) it doesn't matter who gets elected president of the US (and don't shout 'supreme court' and 'abortion rights' to me any more---the republicans in the senate control judicial appointments now and into the foreseeable future and in much of the county (hello, Kansas) you can't get a legal abortion anyway) and ii) campaigns are bread and circus phenomena---the bread goes to the campaign industry, encompassing advertising, media, consultants, polling, event planners, bribers contributors, bribe solicitors fund raisers, an industry which now must contribute more to the GDP than, say, the coal, or breweries, and these folks put on circuses to entertain the masses and justify their increasingly large pay days. But there is a miscalculation---the masses are no longer entertained, but revolted (in the one sense) which makes it possible that they might revolt in the other sense.

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