Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Job openings: Isis edition

Need a job?
A British jihadist who fled the UK to join extremists in Syria has posted a list of Isis "jobs" online for supporters who do not want to fight.
A man writing under the name of Abu Sa'eed Al-Britani insisted that an aversion to battle was a “sign of weak faith” but there was work available for press officers, fitness instructors and bomb makers.
According to the list of 10 jobs released earlier this month, volunteers are needed to indoctrinate children in Isis-held territories, implement its violent interpretation of Sharia law and care for injured fighters.
Number one on the list is press officers for the so-called Islamic State’s “media centre”.
 Less routine is the “bomb making department”, which includes making explosives and being willing to wear them as a suicide bomber.
Describing the post as a “beautiful job for those who truly wish to reap rewards”, Al-Britani writes: “The brothers in the bomb making department are the core and backbone of nearly every operation… imagine the reward in preparing a car packed with explosives for a brother to go detonate in enemy lines - you would get the same reward as the brother who pushes the button and sends 50 kuffaar (unbelievers) to hell.”
The list also stipulates the need for jihadists to man checkpoints in Isis-held territories, “a fun and rewarding job” searching cars for banned items like cigarettes and evidence of any contravention of its laws.
 Islamic police are also required, the document claims, to patrol the streets to violently enforce strict Islamic dress codes and rules.
“They are the ones who carry out the public lashings and beheadings,” Al-Britani writes.
You will have to move. You will also have to surrender your soul.

I can't tell whether this is for real, or whether the Independent has been duped. Hope it is the latter.

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