Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Yikes: Three Mile Island edition

People living near the Three Mile Island nuclear plant may have heard a loud release of steam at 1 a.m. Wednesday as the plant was shut down after an electrical issue developed in the reactor. The plant was taken out of service after a problem developed with an electrical component that operates one of the control rods in the reactor. The control rods control the nuclear reaction in the reactor.
“The issue with the control rod presented no danger or issue with controlling the reactor,” said Exelon spokesman Ralph DeSantis.
He said the release of steam when the plant was being taken off-line was audible to nearby residents. Any radioactivity in the steam was too low to detect so there was no threat to the public or the environment,” DeSantis said.
Why would there be any radioactivity in the steam release? The steam running the turbines is supposed to be isolated from the radioactive water in the core. Is something going wrong with the Areva steam generators again?


  1. Why is radioactivity such a big deal?

  2. It's not, unless you hope to die of something other than radioactive related disease or have offspring who are not afflicted by radioactive related conditions, or want to raise crops or animals that others would rationally be willing to consume.

    1. Please tell me who was hurt by radioactivity.

    2. How?

      What is your source?

    3. what about the criticality accidents in the 1940s