Sunday, June 21, 2015

LA police critically wound unarmed man

LA police shoot a man armed with a towel:
An unarmed man was shot in the head and critically wounded by Los Angeles police officers on Friday night, after he appeared to be flagging them down for assistance.
A passerby recorded graphic video of the incident from a car, and then posted it on Twitter. The video showed officers turning over the man, who appeared to be unconscious and lying on his face, and handcuffing his hands behind his back as his head bled profusely.
The Los Angeles police department said the man, who was not immediately named, had a towel wrapped around his hand and the two officers believed he was concealing a weapon.
 The man reportedly waved over the officers in their patrol car in the quiet Los Feliz area of LA, north-east of Hollywood, at about 6.30pm. The officers got out of their vehicle and one ordered the man to “drop the gun”, LAPD lieutenant John Jenal told local television news on Friday night.
Jenal said the man “extended his arm towards the officers”. The man did not respond to the police order and he was shot, Jenal said.
How are you supposed to respond to a police order to drop a gun you don't have?
The man, who is believed to be Hispanic and in his forties, was taken to hospital. On Saturday afternoon, his condition was described as grave.
Witnesses said they heard three or four shots ring out during the confrontation.
The LAPD said on Saturday it was standard procedure to handcuff any suspect.
Of course. And standard procedure is to be followed no matter what. Unless it involves shooting someone.

And what's with the 'suspect'? What is this man suspected of, besides possessing a towel? He's a victim, of a police gunshot to the head.

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