Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Voter fraud: Mike Turzai edition

Remember Mike Turzai? He was a leader of the Pennsylvania GOP passing a voter ID bill which restricts voting in Pennsylvania who got caught inadvertently boasting that the point of disenfranchising voters was to help Romney win PA. (How'd that work out for you, fella?) So much for stamping out voter fraud.
 And now he has been caught committing legislative voter fraud himself:
Leaders of Pennsylvania's House Republican majority are being recorded as ``yes'' votes on a key budget-related schools bill, even though they weren't in the House chamber at the time of the vote. 
A House GOP spokesman said Wednesday that precedent allows House members to have their vote recorded, even if they're absent to deal with legislative business. 
At the time of Tuesday night's vote, House Speaker Mike Turzai, Majority Leader Dave Reed and Appropriations Committee Chairman Bill Adolph were at a news conference in the Capitol. The bill passed, 107 to 88. 
The House's own rules say ``no member shall be permitted to vote and have his or her vote recorded on the roll unless present in the hall of the House during the roll call vote.''

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