Sunday, August 16, 2015

Email from a Fake Academic Conference: Academic World Education and Research Center Edition

How can you tell whether an academic conference is bogus? Consider the email I received this morning, from an operation called the Academic World Education and Research Center. It invited me to submit an abstract to their World Conference on Educational Sciences, to be held in Madrid in February.

  • First clue: the mushy phrase "educational sciences". What is that? The website the email directs me to elucidates: This conference aims to bring together the educational scientists, administers, councilors, education experts, teachers, graduate students and civil society organization and representatives to share and to discuss theoretical and practical knowledge in the scientific environment. Does that help? No? 
  •  Second clue: administers. Submissions, we are told, are to be in English. The language on the website, though, not so much. 

  • Third clue: Beall's list.Is the organization behind the conference and linked journals listed as a predatory publisher? What do you think? Check it out.

  •  Fourth clue: am I an educational scientist? See first clue. 
Look into it and add your own.

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