Friday, August 14, 2015

Stubblefield and Facilitated Communication

Anna Stubblefield's trial is coming up on August 25, and the judge has just ruled against Stubblefield testifying as an expert about "facilitated communication."
At her upcoming sexual assault trial, Rutgers-Newark professor Anna Stubblefield may testify about her use of a controversial technique she claims to have used to communicate with the severely mentally disabled victim.
But if her testimony references studies and takes on more of an expert's perspective, Superior Court Judge Siobhan Teare said on Thursday she will inform jurors that the technique, known as "facilitated communication," is not generally accepted in the scientific communities.
"She has a right to testify," Teare said during a hearing on Thursday. "She does not have a right to go through various scientific studies, therefore backdooring the issue of FC."
This is a sad, sad case.My take is that Stubblefield is undoubtedly sincere in her commitment to facilitated communication and really believed that the man in question, DJ, was communicating with her and competently consented to sex with her, a belief that no amount of evidence to the contrary will shake. The FC community functions now like a cult, certain of its practices and impervious to responses and information from the outside.

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