Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Votes for women!

Jezebel reminds us that 95 years ago today, the 36th state ratified the 19th amendment, thus adding women's right to vote to the US constitution.

Now, 95 years, later, the right to vote is being curtailed for far too many women and men. And in contemporary politics, those standing for elections are answerable to the deep pocketed billionaires who have bought their services, not those who bother to vote. Still, let's think warm thoughts about the ideal of universal suffrage (not achieved until almost half a century later, and then, a few decades after that, lost) and the intransigent courage that drove three generations of suffragists in its pursuit.*

* Many suffragists were only proposing white women's right to vote and were perfectly comfortable in denying the franchise to women of color and their brothers, husbands and sons.

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