Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Be a lead guest editor": fake academic journal edition

My inbox today contained a solicitation from a newish(?) but Beall listed fake academic journal whose title initials sound very like my Myers-Briggs personality type :IJNTSE (for the International Journal of New Technologies in Science and Engineering---the journal title, not my Myers-Briggs profile). This one is not only soliciting papers (deadline today, publication, tomorrow, I kid you not). It is also inviting proposals to guest edit special issues. The deal is worth quoting:
As the Lead Guest Editor, you can
1. Publish 1 paper for FREE in your Special Issue.
2. Get extra rewards based on the number of papers charged in your Special Issues (May promote to permanent member in editorial Team).
3. Receive the Certificate of Honor and a Letter of Thanks when the Special Issue is finished.
4. Your brief bio-data with your photo (Maximum 5 pages) will be published along with your Special Issue. 

As the Lead Guest Editor, you need to
1. Organize a reviewer team to do the review work if there are manuscripts submitted to the Special Issue.
2. Promote your Special Issue and invite authors to submit manuscripts.
3. Make decisions on the acceptance or rejection of manuscripts.
4. Cross-check the manuscripts and ensure their quality.
5. Have to communicate in your group regarding this Special Issue by either email or any other way.
(note the 'if', in 1)
To become a Guest editor, one should have any one of the following qualification:
1. Having Ph.D.
2. Masters with minimum 5 years Experience in either Academic or Industry.
3. Having minimum 12 years Teaching Experience with any Degree.

Editor In Chief
International Journal of New Technologies in Science and Engineering.
(the editor in chief is not named in the email---too modest I guess, or perhaps that slot is up for rent).

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