Friday, October 23, 2015

Invitation to Two Fake Conferences in Las Vegas

Las Vegas anyone? I've just been invited by predatory publisher Academic World Education and Research Center (AWER) to submit abstracts to two fake academic conferences to be held there Dec. 3-5, (ah, but they are international, or global, and thus important) the 3rd Global Conference on Energy, Soil, Water, Air, and Environment (ESWAE) whose accepted papers (when don't they accept papers?) are to be published by the fake journal the Global Journal of Advances in Pure and Applied Sciences. The second, if your research areas don't involve energy, soil, water air and environment, although how that is possible I am not sure, is the International Conference on Business, Finance and Administrative Sciences, whose selected papers will be published in an unnamed 'supported journal'.
I think I'll take a pass.

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