Friday, October 2, 2015

Stubblefield found guilty

The jury found Anna Stubblefield guilty.
A New Jersey jury this morning found a female Rutgers University philosophy professor guilty of raping a severely disabled, cerebral palsy-stricken man with whom she claimed to have been in a consensual relationship.
Dr Anna Stubblefield, 45, broke down in shaking sobs and held her head in her hands as she was convicted on two counts of felony first-degree aggravated sexual assault.
The college educator faces up to 40 years in prison for raping a mentally disabled 34-year-old man, known only as DJ, in her Newark office in 2011.
The verdict was read out shortly before 11am to a packed courtroom at the Essex County courthouse in Newark after the six-week trial.
 Her defense lawyer James Patton asked that Stubblefield's bail be extended pending sentencing saying she was not a flight risk, was not a danger to society and had no prior criminal history. He also pleaded with the judge to allow her to make arrangements for her 15-year-old daughter.
Superior Court Judge Siobhan Teare denied this request.
Stubblefield was led out in handcuffs to be held until sentencing. 
So sad.Here's on the scene in the courtroom:
Patton said Stubblefield needed time before her sentencing to find the appropriate care for her daughter.
But Teare rejected Patton's request, revoked Stubblefield's bail and ordered her to be taken into custody.
"It is one thing to be accused," Teare said. "It is another thing to be convicted, not on one, but on two first-degree crimes.
"I think the risk of flight is great," the judge added.
As Stubblefield continued crying, her mother approached the front of the courtroom, but a sheriff's officer instructed her to return to her seat. Another sheriff's officer then placed Stubblefield in handcuffs behind her back.
"Take care of my daughter, please," Stubblefield said through tears before she was ultimately escorted to a holding cell.

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