Thursday, November 19, 2015

Profiles in Un-Courage: Paul Ryan edition

Is there a verb form of "bottom of the barrel"? Because Paul Ryan, and our american political system are presently bottomofthebarrelling.

Paul Ryan, the sniveling little wussass coward who coyly maneuvered himself into the House Speakership, the lying liar who can't make a remark without it containing or entailing falsehood and deception, has now managed to demonize desperate refugees fleeing ISIS (Daesh) even though the Syrian passport allegedly found near one of the Paris terrorists was a forgery, and all terrorists thus far identified in the Paris attack are European.

But facts don't matter to our zombie eyed granny starver, that Eddy Munster lookalike who hates the government so much he has been on a government payroll since he graduated from college (supported by government backed aid). What matters is creating a shitstorm of fearful hysteria and hand wringing, all so he can score a few pathetic points with the asshats that he temporarily leads in the House.

Well done, you little piece of crap. Now go hide under a rock, and shit yourself with fear.

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