Thursday, November 12, 2015

The new glamour field: philosophy edition

For the last time (maybe) courtesy of Farai Chideya at Fivethirtyeight: Philosophy---not useless, and pays surprisingly well:
But philosophy majors also have some of the highest scores in the LSAT and GMAT — the required tests for entry to law and business school respectively, according to figures from the Educational Testing Service (ETS). And when it comes to earnings for people who only have undergraduate degrees, philosophy majors have the fourth-highest median earnings, $81,200 per year, out-ranking business and chemistry majors, according to the ETS. Bar none, philosophy majors have the highest salary growth trajectory from entry to mid-career.
And yes, philosophy majors tend to make more than welders---lots more:
People with liberal arts degrees in disciplines like philosophy go on to do all sorts of jobs; most don’t just sit around and philosophize in coffee shops or even in classrooms. According to, annual wages for people with B.A.s in philosophy range from $37,000 to $83,000. For welders, the site says the salary range is $23,000 to $63,000.
But as a colleague of mine just remarked, welding is surely a subfield of philosophy, focusing on mereology.

Also, Marco, Mr. Political Science major: when you repeatedly say:

"We need more welders and less philosophers.”

That's "fewer", Marco. You need a count term. And no, I never took an English course in college, and apparently, if you, Mr. Marco political scientist, did, you passed only because of grade inflation.

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