Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Guns in dorms: campus carry edition

I've accepted the fact that we are cursed to be living in interesting times, (where by 'interesting' I mean 'characterized by much violence and suffering') but the increasing stupidification of large numbers of our fellow citizens continues to mystify me.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Monday issued an opinion that rejected ideas put forward by some public colleges and faculty members in the state about carrying out the new "campus carry" law. Paxton rejected, among other things, the idea that colleges could bar guns in dormitories and that individual faculty members could bar guns in their classrooms. Many Texas higher education leaders have hoped they could ban guns in dorms, because most students residing there are under the age of 21, the minimum required for a concealed carry permit. But Paxton rejected that argument. He noted that law references rules for storing guns in dormitories, thus suggesting that legislators envisioned guns in dorms.
Paxton's ruling is non-binding, but it could have an impact on what is likely a round of litigation ahead as public colleges try to set limits on guns on campus and gun rights groups push back.
Does the second law of thermodynamics entail that stupidity increases with time, along with entropy?

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