Friday, January 15, 2016

Stubblefield sentenced

Anna Stubblefield was sentenced today to 12 years in prison. After her release she will be on supervised parole for the rest of her life and be registered as a sex offender. The report from AP, terse as it is, wrenches the heart.
The tense and emotional sentencing hearing included testimony from the victim's brother and Stubblefield's daughter. Stubblefield's daughter was later removed from the courtroom by officers after cursing at the brother. gives more painful details of the scene in the courtroom:
 Standing beside his mother on Friday in the Newark courtroom, D.J.'s brother grew emotional as he discussed how Stubblefield "raped" D.J. and harassed their family.
"I don't think Anna understood the depth of pain she caused my family," the brother said.
"An able-bodied woman raped a disabled young man that could not consent to sex," he later added. "You were wrong, Anna. You committed a crime. There is no gray area."
 In brief remarks before receiving her sentence, Stubblefield apologized and expressed "my dismay and my regret and my sorrow that my actions have led to so much distress."
But Stubblefield's teenage daughter, Zoe, then stepped to the front of the courtoom and struck a more aggressive tone.
 Zoe Stubblefield, whose parents are divorced, claimed her estranged father drove her mother to D.J., and she refuted the claims by D.J.'s family about his mental incompetence. With her mother being in prison, Zoe Stubblefield said she is "forced to take care of myself."
Zoe Stubblefield said her mother is "a very good person" who has taken care of her with Zoe Stubblefield's mental disabilities, and she said "her being in prison is simply not fair at all."
"She's never done anything wrong in her whole life," said Zoe Stubblefield, referring to her mother. "She's like the cleanest, most goody-two-shoes woman I've ever met."
After returning to her seat, Zoe Stubblefield was ultimately removed from the courtroom by Essex County sheriff's officers, because she had an outburst during the statement of D.J.'s brother.
When D.J.'s brother referred to Anna Stubblefield's ex-husband, Zoe Stubblefield shouted an expletive in regard to her father and D.J.'s brother.

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