Saturday, February 13, 2016

Indian Point leak worsening

Yikes. The Indian Point leak is getting worse.
The amount of radioactive tritium leaking from the Indian Point nuclear power plant is growing, officials said Wednesday, prompting Gov. Cuomo to launch a multiagency probe into operations at the troubled plant.
New samples from groundwater monitoring wells show 80% higher concentrations of tritium compared with when the leak was first reported Saturday.
Owner/operator Entergy (where do they come up with these names?) says that it is no big deal and they are on top of it.
 Entergy, the company that runs the plant, insisted there is no threat to public health or safety.
 “These values remain less than one-tenth of 1% of federal reporting guidelines,” the company said in a statement, adding the higher levels are “fluctuations that can be expected as the material migrates.”
 Sure. These guys know what they are doing. Maybe they got their training at Fukushima.
 Officials believe the leak occurred after a drain overflowed during a maintenance exercise while workers were transferring water containing high levels of radioactive contamination.
New York City gets about 25% of its electricity from Indian Point.

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