Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kasich to defund Planned Parenthood

Honest John Kasich, who never saw an abortion restriction he didn't like, or a camera, is about to defund Planned Parenthood in Ohio,spurred by the phony videos circulated last summer.
An Ohio bill that seeks to divert government money away from Planned Parenthood is headed to Republican Gov. John Kasich for his expected signature.
The GOP-led state House cleared the legislation Wednesday as Kasich, a Republican presidential contender, campaigned for the coming GOP primary in South Carolina.
 Signing the bill might help Kasich with conservatives who dominate the state's Feb. 20 primary.
It will, however, hurt the people in his state. But hey, most of them are women and their newly unplanned babies, so they don't count enough to get in the way of pandering for votes.
Final passage of the Ohio bill comes a day after the New Hampshire primary, where a tough stance against Planned Parenthood might have been received with less enthusiasm by its many moderate Republican voters.
Earlier Wednesday, Planned Parenthood supporters delivered handwritten valentines to state lawmakers in an effort to urge representatives to oppose the bill.
They also gave condoms and pamphlets about the organization's services.
That won't work. Lawmakers have good health insurance that pays for their birth control and vasectomies. (It would pay for their brain transplants too, but alas, those are not yet available, even if much needed in the State House.) Ohio should expect a large increase in the number of medicaid supported babies, starting around Thanksgiving. Nice going, Mr. Voice of Moderation Kasich.


  1. So a baby is "hurt" more by being born unplanned than by being aborted in utero? Interesting concept.

    BTW, for the last two millions years -- since our species began -- and up until just a few decades ago, all babies were "unplanned" except in the very obvious sense that people who didn't want to have babies didn't have sex.

    1. Two questions for you to ponder:
      i)Are women not people, or is their personhood conditional on their wombs being empty?
      ii) Did men who didn't want babies not have sex?