Tuesday, March 22, 2016

File this under: you can't make this shit up

Trump's national security team is headed by a man with a checkered career as a Bush era Inspector General at the Defense department who then took a job with the Prince group (the parent company of Blackwater) and who, amazingly enough, is Mary Kay Letourneau's brother.

  Another is a young man who previously advised Ben Carson (my bet for Trump's veep pick) and lists participation at the Model UN on his LinkedIn page.

A third is currently provost of BAU International University of Washington DC. Never heard of it? It's website is .com, not .edu---just saying, and which is helmed by educational entrepreneur Enver Yucel, whose for-profit educational provider group was, as of 2013, nearly half owned by the Carlyle group.

Some combination of corrupt, stupid, opportunistic and tainted seems to be the required for inclusion on this list (though to be fair, these might also be on the ingredient list for those more celebrated figures in the foreign policy establishment.)


  1. trump's veep -

    ben carson?
    chris christie - a.k.a. big chicken?
    morning joe scarborough (he used to be a congressman)?
    jerry springer (formerly mayor of cincinnati)? no - he's originally a brit

    my best guess, seriously - rick perry

    1. Right now, I'm guessing Carson for veep. I hadn't thought of either Scarborough or Springer, and either one would be perfect. Or maybe Caitlyn Jenner---she's a creature of reality tv, so she's perfect for Trump, and she says she's a republican inclining toward Cruz, so she would be a unifying force on the ticket.