Thursday, March 31, 2016

Imprisoning women for abortions

Why are the professional anti-abortionists collectively clutching their pearls and denouncing Trump's suggestion that criminalizing abortions entails punishing women who have them? What do they want us to believe that 'illegal' means? And why do they want us to ignore the fact that around the US, women are in fact being charged, convicted and imprisoned for ending their own pregnancies, for example, Pervi Patel serving 20 years in Indiana, or Anna Yocca charged with first degree attempted murder in Tennesee, charges reduced several months later to attempted manslaughter. Kenlissa Jones in Georgia was originally charged with murder for self-aborting using abortion pills she purchased online, charges dropped and replaced with a misdemeanor charge possessing a dangerous drug.

Let's get real: criminalizing abortion entails criminalizing the women who have them. That's the dirty little secret of the anti-abortionists. They want us to believe that in their magic world of rainbows and unicorns, making abortion illegal will make pregnant women accept their fate, and serenely embrace their unwanted pregnancies as part of Eve's curse, or to see it as justified punishment for having sex, voluntary or otherwise. They will come to be happy members of a women's army producing babies for the increasingly lucrative adoption market, and the country will be reborn in a cloud of fairy dust and baby power.

No, the professional anti-abortionists and the lawmakers who aid and abet them want people to just shut their eyes, lay back, and think of nothing at all, as they reassure us that making abortion illegal is good for women.

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