Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pitchman for the non-existent

After a long day yesterday, I found myself dozing in front of the tv, vaguely hearing a voice droning on and on, barely articulating words, dangling phrases and sounding like a some drunk at a local bar, always talking about himself. But it was Donald Trump, who had somehow captured the cable news networks for almost an hour.
And then things got weird. Midway through his speech, Trump started rattling off Trump products: He talked about Trump Steaks and Trump Magazine; he talked about Trump Vodka and Trump Wine and Trump Water. These were ostensibly brought up to prove the main point of Trump’s campaign, which is that he is a successful businessman who can be a good president by doing successful businessman things, like negotiating. The only problem is that many of these products don’t exist anymore. Trump Steaks folded in 2007; Trump Magazine hasn’t been published since 2009. Maybe the campaign trail is starting to wear on him, revealing the inner QVC pitchman underneath.
Only QVC has standards: the jewelry and household products it hawks actually exist, and the pitch artists let their merchandise take center stage. Trump is the con-artist who sells himself, and takes your money and votes, for non-existent steaks and walls: the perfect Meinongian grifter.

Update: Last night, The Daily Show got to the bottom of the intentional non-existence behind Trump's huckstering.

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