Friday, March 25, 2016

What could go wrong?: Petitioning to allow guns at the GOP convention

Sure. Why the heck not?
Support has more than quadrupled overnight for a petition to allow firearms at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
The petition, filed by “Americans for Responsible Open Carry,” was filed Monday on, an online forum. By Wednesday, 630 supporters had signed the request to carry firearms in and around Quicken Loans Arena, which will host the 2016 Republican National Convention from July 18-21.
With a goal of 5,000 signatures, the petition topped 5,300 by 6 p.m. Thursday.
The Ohio Republican Party, which is sending one of 50 state delegations to Cleveland this summer to nominate the party’s next presidential candidate, said it was not aware of the petition.
Nor was the host committee overseeing the convention, although it noted that the Secret Service, in conjunction with Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, state and federal authorities, is handling security for the event.
Can't be any more batshit crazy than what is already on their agenda.
The petition has drawn considerable criticism on, an online forum hosting crowd-sourced petitions.
“These guys should work with my other favorite charity — Americans for Responsible Drunk Driving. They’re also doing great work in the field of horrible ideas,” read the most-liked comment, posted anonymously.

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