Friday, April 22, 2016

Another thing that doesn't exist: The Reasonable Republican

Kasich as the reasonable alternative? Not really, if  'reasonable' entails things like 'focused', 'informed', and 'capable of linear thought'. And don't forget, two months ago, Kasich jumped on the gop fact-free, logic free bandwagon and defunded Planned Parenthood in Ohio. 
Discussing the coming nominating convention and the need for the party to rally behind a single candidate, he opined, “It’s – and you know what, the party – like I one time looked behind the curtain and there was nobody there. There is no kind of party. The party is an amalgamation of all the people who’ve raised money and been involved in politics and you know, like yesterday I was in Maryland. I think that’s where I was. I was in Maryland. So Ehrlich was there. And then there’s this guy there who’s run like a bunch of campaigns. He’s raised tons of money for Ehrlich and all. Just a regular old guy. I mean, he doesn’t – I mean, he’s the party.”
He was also curtly dismissive when challenged on various things, such as his change of position on birthright citizenship between supporting a bill opposing it while in Congress and supporting it as a governor.
“It’s just like, I mean, birthright citizenship, I probably signed onto some bill. It’s like, who cares?” Kasich said. “You’re a congressman. Sometimes you sign on, you’ve got all this stuff coming across your desk, let’s not get over serious about this. It never passed.”
When he was asked about the lack of details in his tax and fiscal proposals -- something that the Tax Policy Center, the Tax Foundation, and the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget have all said makes analysis of his proposals impossible -- he seemed annoyed that anyone should even be questioning him on the topic.
“No, it’s 28, 25, 10 with an earned income tax credit and fewer deductions. Deductions for state and local taxes and charity. That’s what the plan is. Okay?  It’s not – I mean, what more do you need? I can tell you what the rates are. I mean, what’s so difficult about this? That’s the outline of it. What else do we need? It’s like how are you going to balance the budget? What, I’m going to send you a 30-page document here that shows all the little details of this? I mean, come on.”
At another point, Kasich flatly said that a carbon tax would not work to reduce pollution. When one of the members of the editorial board rightly pointed out that virtually all economists disagree with him on that point, his response was, “You know, look, I am not going to get into that. I don’t think so, and you know, all economists, is that like all pollsters? Is that like all pundits? I mean who are these people, you know?”
Yeah. We know.

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