Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Longest serving (in prison) Speaker

Dennis Hastert, confessed serial child molester and longest serving Speaker of the House has been sentenced to 15 months in federal prison for banking fraud committed in  the attempt to buy the silence of one of the people he had sexually exploited years before, while he was his wrestling coach.

Recall how Hastert ended up as Speaker. Back in the day, Newt Gingrich, a proto-tea-partier, was then Speaker, on his second wife and diddling his soon- to- be- third and heading the drive to impeach Bill Clinton for double talking his way through during a deposition involved in the Paula Jones lawsuit against him for sex harassment, rather than admitting that he had diddled around with Monica Lewinsky, whose confidant, Linda Tripp, was taping Lewinsky's phone calls in which she obsessed about the relationship, at the suggestion of Tripp's friend Lucianne Goldberg, a republican operative and macher used the tapes to get her son Jonah, then working as a delivery boy, a job in the right wing universe (and to snare Clinton). Gingrich resigned in a snit after a coup against him resulting from the GOP doing poorly in the midterm election of '98 as a result of the public's dismay over the impeachment (which the GOP continued to push through in their lame duck congress, resulting in a farcical senate trial and vote against removal). The next up to be Speaker was one Bob Livingston, who had to decline and resign after it was revealed that he had his own closet full of sexual shenanigans, leaving Dennis Hastert next in this rather pathetic line of losers to continue to impeach Clinton for lack of truthfulness about diddling.    

What a long strange Tripp it has been.

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